Repositioning of shares

Euronav’s ordinary shares (unless otherwise restricted) may be traded on the New York Stock Exchange only if reflected on the U.S. component of the Euronav’s share register, and may be traded through the facilities of Euronext Brussels only if registered in the Belgian component of the Company’s share register. Holders of Euronav shares may in principle reposition their shares from one component of the share register to the other after completing a procedure for repositioning.

Shareholders who wish to reposition their shares must contact their financial intermediary.

In view of any record date such as a record date for general shareholders' meetings, dividend payments or other corporate actions, shareholders cannot reposition their shares between the Belgian share register and the U.S. share register for a certain period of time (such periode a "Freeze Period"). Shareholders will be informed timely of such Freeze Periods on the pages ‘General Assemblies, ‘Dividend’ or elsewhere, as the case may be.


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