The table shows the shareholder structure of Euronav NV on 1 July 2016. For the major shareholders, this is the situation stated in the most recent notifications made under the Belgian transparency rules or (if more recent) disclosures made under other applicable legislation. These can be consulted in the section “Transparency Declaration” in the investors section on this website. Any transparency notifications made under U.S. applicable legislation can be found in the section "SEC filings" in the investors section on this website ("Schedule 13G").

Shareholder # of shares Percentage
Saverco NV1 17,026,896
Victrix NV1 9,245,393

Euronav (treasury shares)

1,042,415 0.65%
Other 131,894,245     82.85%
Total 159,208,949

1Including shares held directly or indirectly by or for the benefit of the ultimate beneficial owner.

For the most recent change in shareholding structure and insider trading please refer to the website of the FSMA.