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Date Documents
30-11-2015 Sale of the Suezmax Cap Laurent
30-11-2015 Euronav Board Changes
05-11-2015 Transparency legislation
29-10-2015 Third quarter results 2015
13-10-2015 Euronav to announce Q3 2015 results on Thursday 29 October 2015
01-09-2015 New USD 750 million facility
26-08-2015 Transparency legislation
20-08-2015 Final half year results 2015
05-08-2015 Transparency legislation
30-07-2015 Preliminary second quarter & half year results 2015
20-07-2015 Euronav to announce Q2 2015 results on Thursday 30 July 2015
16-06-2015 Acquisition of four existing VLCCs under construction
11-06-2015 Clarification on market speculation
13-05-2015 Euronav General Shareholders Meeting approves dividend payment 2014
30-04-2015 First quarter results 2015
30-04-2015 Euronav files its annual report on Form 20-F for the year ended 31 December 2014
28-04-2015 Euronav announces listing of existing shares on Euronext Brussels
28-04-2015 Euronav announces end of difference period between shares listed on NYSE and Euronext Brussels
27-04-2015 Investor letter - Speed up for what?
23-04-2015 Euronav to announce Q1 2015 results on Thursday 30 April 2015
03-04-2015 Euronav publishes its annual report
01-04-2015 Euronav NV announces final results 2014 and new dividend policy - update
30-03-2015 Results of U.S. Exchange Offer
11-02-2015 Fourth quarter results 2014
09-02-2015 Euronav to announce Q4 2014 results on Wednesday 11 February 2015
06-02-2015 Contribution of convertible preferred equity
06-02-2015 Transparency legislation
03-02-2015 Euronav announces repayment of USD 235 million bond and conversion of perpetual convertible preferred equity
28-01-2015 Euronav NV announces closing of its initial public offering and full exercise of overallotment option
23-01-2015 Euronav NV announces the upsizing and pricing of its initial public offering of its ordinary shares in the U.S. and the commencement of the U.S. Exchange Offer
20-01-2015 Euronav NV announces the initial public offering of its ordinary shares in the US
09-01-2015 Transparency legislation