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Date Documents
31-12-2014 Transparency legislation
16-10-2014 Third quarter results 2014
15-10-2014 Euronav announces postponement of contemplated initial public offering of ordinary shares in the United States
14-10-2014 New USD 340 million facility
23-09-2014 Transparency legislation
08-09-2014 Euronav files Registration Statement for proposed initial public offering in the USA
27-08-2014 Sale of the Cap Isabella
27-08-2014 Final half year results 2014
27-08-2014 Peter G. Livanos becomes Euronav Chairman
23-07-2014 Preliminary half year results 2014
14-07-2014 Capital increase and issuance of new shares
09-07-2014 Euronav successfully raises 125 million USD
08-07-2014 Acquisition of four additional VLCC vessels
01-07-2014 Update: deliveries of Maersk VLCCs to Euronav
24-04-2014 Last conversion of convertible bonds 2018
23-04-2014 First quarter results 2014
31-03-2014 Consolidated financial information full year 2013
27-03-2014 Final year results 2013
10-03-2014 Conversion of convertible bonds issued in 2013
28-02-2014 Transparency Legislation
25-02-2014 Conversion of convertible bonds issued in 2013
24-02-2014 Capital increase for Maerk VLCC fleet acquisition approved
20-02-2014 Optional redemption notice convertible bonds issued in 2013
14-02-2014 OSG withdraws authorization to sell assets
06-02-2014 Conversion of convertible bonds issued in 2013 and contribution of convertible preferred equity
04-02-2014 Debt financing of the Maersk VLCC fleet acquisition completed
24-01-2014 Conversion of convertible bonds issued in 2013
21-01-2014 Fourth quarter results 2013
17-01-2014 Transparency legislation
15-01-2014 Sale of the VLCC Luxembourg
13-01-2014 Conversion of convertible bonds issued in 2013 and equity raise
06-01-2014 USD 350 million capital increase for Maersk fleet acquisition
05-01-2014 Acquisition of Maersk VLCC Fleet